Cardio Tennis is a great way to try out tennis without needing to know a lot of technique. You can hit a ball and learn as you go.  For those who are not sure what it is all about, just come along  and try ! We even have a racket you can borrow for the session and non-members are welcome. Cardio tennis is aimed at all abilities which makes it a real social mixer.  If you are a complete beginner or feel intimated by coming to a main club session, this is definitely the group lesson to try.  The lesson is done to music which has been shown scientifically to motivate participants and lose more calories as they exert themselves more. Cardio tennis is a great way to keep fit in a fun way - you think about constantly moving and hitting balls but at the same time are losing calories. 

The hour's lesson is broken into sections:


Warm Up

Drills - various shot practice and linking shots

Game Play - fun group games which incorporate the practice from drills

Cool Down - stretching and cooling the body down


See you on THURSDAYS at 9.30am-10.30am.  Please check with Fiona to see which dates Cardio will run on throughout the school holidays before you come.


Cost is £5

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