MONDAY                9.30am-12.30pm Rusty Rackets coaching

                                2pm Ladies Open Club Afternoon (just turn up and play)                  

TUESDAY              9.30am Adult Cardio/Drills group coaching 

                               1.30pm Adult Cardio/Drills group coaching 


WEDNESDAY        11am-12.30pm Adult Improvers coaching

                               5-7pm Club Night (organised, members to sign in)

                               7.30-9.30pm Club Night (organised, members to sign in)



THURSDAY           9.30am Adult Cardio/Drills Tennis           



FRIDAY                   9.30am Adult Cardio/Drills Tennis

                                10.30am Ladies Invitational Morning                                  


SATURDAY            2pm Club Afternoon (2 hard courts organised, sign in)

                               2pm Club Afternoon (2 shale courts just turn up and play)


SUNDAY                 9am-11am Club Morning (organised, sign in)


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