Please read all the guidelines about resuming safe play at Cound Tennis Club as of May 31st 2020:


The list below must be read before you start playing again


  • To play you must book a court.
  • Up to 4 people (doubles is now permitted) to any one court for normal play. (Coaches are allowed to coach groups of upto 6 people including themselves).
  • Members can book courts  for upto two hours.
  • You can enter the courts to play once the people playing before you have vacated.  Wait for your session at a safe distance from the court entrance.
  • The gates to the courts should be left open at all times. Please do not close gates.
  • To book either go to the links tab on this website or click on this link and if you experience any problems message Fe Edwards to check availability on 07528 346176


  • Bring hand sanitizer gel with you to use before, possibly during and after playing
  • When playing you will need to bring your own balls and equipment and  take all reasonable precautions not to touch anything
  • You can share tennis balls but be alert not to touch your face
  • The nets will be left up, do not lower them after you have played
  • When the shale courts are up and running remember to water before  playing,  and after matt the courts.
  • When changing ends, be careful to keep a social distance between all players
  • Wash your hands when you get home and do not touch your face at any time when playing.
  • You can play singles with someone outside your family.
  • You can play doubles with someone outside your family, but please try to stay 2 metres apart and decide beforehand who might take balls that come down the middle of the court. 
  • Do not share drinks or food

Club House and Shed

  • No access to the shed and Club house.

For full guidance visit;

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